Thursday, February 3, 2011

Colourmusic To Release Debut LP

Colourmusic will release their debut LP My ____ Is Pink, May 10 via Memphis Industries.

Ryan Hendrix says of the album, “We wanted to focus on human sexuality and reproduction. Not in terms of turning people on; from a point of view of fear and anxiety, and how it’s the prominent decision-making force in many people’s lives.” That's about as linear as things get as Hendrix continues, “If you write a song that’s too literal, it dates it. We’d rather make things a little more subconscious. It gives a song a longer life span because you never know what’s really going on.”

As for the process of creating the album, Hendrix explains, “The music tells us what the song is going to be about. Once we have a drum beat, it’s alive. And once we come back to it, it’s basically beckoning us to finish it.”

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