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My Penis has Power and My Pussy Stands At Attention

Alexyss Tylor

Y'all got to be the pilot over the pussy.


It's all about 2:34 really.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jack White News

Direct from White Stripes Fan Site Jesus Children of America unedited

Jack White collaborates with BRIT Award nominee Seasick Steve

The blues artist reveals all at the BRITs nomination party.

Jan 22, 2009

BRIT Award nominee Seasick Steve has revealed he is set to work with Jack White.

Speaking at the BRITS nomination party, the 67-year-old confirmed he was collaborating with The White Stripes mainman.
"I'm meeting up with Jack White to record soon, so things are going very well indeed," he said.
Despite being nominated for Best International Male at the BRITS (the oldest ever nominee), Seasick Steve revealed that he hadn't ever heard of the ceremony before being invited to the launch, reports The Daily Star.

Earlier this month, Adele confirmed that she had also collaborated with Jack White. "We ended up doing some stuff in London," she said. "He's a good laugh and I'd like to do more."

Jack White - White To Record With Yorke


Jack White will hit the studio with Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke as soon as he is fully recovered from his neck injury. The White Stripes singer is suffering from a slipped disc and has been ordered to rest for two months.

But he reveals Yorke will be the first person he calls when he's ready to perform again - and he's already got a few songs ready. He says, "We've known each other for a while now. But the doctors said I couldn't perform for two months. I've been writing a lot instead."

Monday, January 19, 2009

Flight of the Conchordes Fly Over Your Head Joyfully

The following is a review of Flight Of the Conchordes by Ruth Spiegel,67, Syracuse, January 18, 2009 8:29PM

"Flight of the Conchords"
10 p.m. Jan. 18, HBO
This is the second season of this program which started with this showing. There are 10 episodes in this season.

We have two New Zealanders named Jemaine and Bret who now are living in New York City's Lower East Side. They are the stars in this music-comedy series.
Tonights' episode has them quitting their manager named Murray seeking work elsewhere only to find they really can't because they have no work visas so they go back to work for Murray.
I personally find that I probably wouldn't find myself watching this program again because it is not the type of programming that I really enjoy.
Rock on Ruth. One must love the new world of critics that the internet has birthed.

Theory on Brontosauruses by Anne Elk (Miss)

"Business Time" by Flight of the Conchordes

Record Company / Corporate Idiocy

Disallowing embedding on youtube prevents blogs from promoting your "product." Wise up.

The leaks aren't coming from print reviewers so guess again and quit messing around with watermarked copies and streaming and just send us regular cds with ample time for pitches. It's tough to review an album when you have no artwork/liner notes/lyrics.

People who are going to buy album - will but an album - regardless of whether they download it or not. If you allow for people to grow into music lovers again they will support the bands they love.

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Redd Kross New Live DVD

The old tune "After School Special" sounds great from the upcoming DVD Got Live if You Must!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Morning Jacket to Release New Digital EP

Live at the Palms is vailable on iTunes


1.) Tonight I Want To Celebrate With You
2.) Dear Wife
3.) Knot Comes Loose
4) From Nashville To Kentucky
5.) They Ran
6.) Thank You Too

Produced by Jim James.
Engineered by Ryan Pickett.
Mixed by Rick Kwan.

Here We Go Again W/ Dept. Of Eagles

"Luke Temple has one of the most beautiful voices in pop music." – Sufjan Stevens
The Self-Titled Debut Twill be released on Western Vinyl February 24th.
Only Pieces
Ghost List
I Just Want To See You Underwater
Nat's Alien
Everything's Big

Here We Go Magic W/ Department Of Eagles

01/16 New York, NY Le Poisson Rouge (LUKE TEMPLE SOLO)
01/17 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda's*
01/18 Cambridge, MA The Brattle Theatre*
01/19 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom*
02/15 Brooklyn, NY Southpaw
03/03 New York, NY Le Poisson Rouge w/ Callers and Cary Brothers
03/07 Washington, DC The Red and The Black**
03/09 Pittsburgh, PA garfield artworks**
03/10 Newport, KY southgate house**
03/11 Indianapolis, IN MOKB Laundromatinee Session
03/11 Bloomington, IN Cinemat**
03/12 St. Louis, MO Off Broadway**
03/13 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen**
03/14 Rock Island, IL Daytrotter Presents**
03/17 Dallas, TX Mountain House**
03/22 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks
* w/ Department of Eagles
** w/ Callers

The Talented Carina Round

While we wait for her new release(tick tock,lady) here is a video for "Take The Money"

I am excited. Not as excited as Udo Kier.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Coconut Records Download Available

Okay, so normally I am vehemently against actors releasing albums. I mean, I'm not even going to talk about the debacles of Bruce Willis or Joe Pesci. Crap I just did. But really - you're a famous actor - revel in your good fortune and don't unleash your vanity projects upon an unsuspecting world. Ya hear me? Well, I give actor Jason Schwartzman a free pass, because the music he creates is really good. It warms the heart and makes you feel a bit tingly. Tingly in a happy way, not in a sexual way, or in a "my foot is asleep, please stomp on it" way. In fact, I heard the album and loved it before I knew it was Jason Schwartzman's music. And not that I have an anti Schwartzman agenda, I like what I've seen of his films, (which means Wes Anderson projects and I Heart Huckabees), but I'm no afficienado of all things Jason.


In case you didn't know... "Coconut Records is the name of a musical solo project by Jason Schwartzman based in Los Angeles, California. Schwartzman began Coconut Records in 2006. The debut album by Coconut Records, Nighttiming, was released on Schwartzman's Young Baby Records in 2007." The debut album was really great. Honest.

The new album is available as a stream on myspace or as a digital download via I listened to some of it briefly yesterday and really enjoyed it. You might have heard the single "West Coast" from the debut release Nightiming. Apparently it's getting popular now -- better late than never huh? It was played in the film Cloverfield - which I didn't see, because I'm a dorky movie snob. Here's the "West Coast" video. It's a sweet song. Sweet as in lovely - not as in "sweet dude." You Can Buy Coconut Records Stuff Here

The new album Davy has a release date listed as January 20. Lookee here:

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez

I am in love with his song "Mostly a Friend" and here is a terrible video of a live performance:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Adele and Jack White?

Who the hell gave people the idea that just because they can write on the internet - it doesn't mean they should. And what the hell is happening to journalism. I don't know if this is reliable and it's not even properly written, (look at the first sentence,) but I love Adele and jack White so I hope it isn't a rumor.

Adele Working With Jack White
by - January 12 2009

Adele is have a second go of songwriting with Jack White.
The Chasing Pavements star said she and The White Stripes vocalist had a session booked together but he had to postpone it to write the theme tune to Quantum of Solace..She said: "I was well annoyed with him because we'd arranged studio time together but then he had to go and record the James Bond theme tune."
Speaking to the Daily Star, the 20-year-old singer added: "But we ended up doing some stuff in London. He's a good laugh and I'd like to do more."
Adele also revealed that she sings backing vocals on the forthcoming second album by fellow Londoner Jack Penate.She said: "He's one of my best mates. It's very exciting stuff. It's not as indie or guitar driven as his first album. People are going to be surprised."

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catnip Dynamite Reminder

Buy Catnip Dynamite. It's a record that has elements of things I hate all smooshed together with things I love, which does not make me the slightest bit ambivalent. You like Air? You like Jellyfish? Try this on for size. The album has catchy pop tunes with the twist of dark lyrics sneaking up behind you and goosing your ass. Good stuff.
The following is taken directly from Roger Joseph Manning's mailer:

The new record from Roger Joseph Manning Jr., “Catnip Dynamite” will be released on February 3rd by Oglio Records. “Down In Front” is available now as an iTunes single, and the fine folks at Newbury Comics are taking pre-orders for a limited autographed CD booklet package for a mere $ 10.99 – pre-order now!

You can preview 3 full-length songs now at:

The Oglio Records release of “Catnip Dynamite” includes 3 tracks (20 minutes) unavailable on the Japanese import.

The full track list includes:

01. The Quickening
02. Love's Never Half As Good
03. Down In Front
04. My Girl
05. Imaginary Friend
06. Haunted Henry
07. Tinsel Town
08. The Turnstile at Heaven's Gate
09. Survival Machine
10. Living in End Times
11. Drive Thru Girl

Bonus Tracks – Live From Fuji Rock, Japan
12. Europa and the Pirate Twins
13. You Were Right
14. Love Lies Bleeding

I am well aware that many of my fans are musicians themselves; and wanted to let you know that I am approachable for projects big and small. If you have an interest in having me play keyboards, writing string arrangements, producing, adding vocals, helping you dial in that right sound, or otherwise contribute to your songs and recordings – you can submit your demos or proposals to me at:

Of course, I simply can not guarantee that I will be able to take on every project, or that I will even be able to respond to every enquiry; but I will read and listen to them all; and if something seems like it will fit into my schedule and seems to be a project of mutual interest I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Willie Wisely interviews me about the new CD "Catnip Dynamite". Watch now at YouTube:

You can check out Roger's website for merchandise or Purchase Roger's Many Projects HEre


Wow! A full download of the punk legends new album for free and at a great bit bit-rate.All they ask is that people donate time or some money to one of the causes on the page.

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Always Support TRS-80

Visit or for more info.

From Monument To Masses

Call it post rock call it whatever you want, but they've got something...

"Comrades & Friends" posted by youtube user francypants

posted by youtube user thedphoto

From Monument To Masses will release a new album on DJ Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records March 10. It was engineered by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Minus the Bear, Russian Circles). It's the first full length since 2003's The Impossible Leap in One Hundred Simple Steps. The single is called "Beyond God & Elvis."

Gay Zombies Can't Get A Break

Youtube removed the non G rated clips for the Bruce LaBruce film Otto;or, Up With Dead People. I still haven't run across a local screening.

Synopsis as posted on the film's website:
Directed by Bruce LaBruce
94 minutes
Germany/Canada - 2008

A young zombie named Otto appears on a remote highway. He has no idea where he came from or where he is going. After hitching a ride to Berlin and nesting in an abandoned amusement park, he begins to explore the city. Soon he is discovered by underground filmmaker Medea Yarn, who begins to make a documentary about him with the support of her girlfriend, Hella Bent, and her brother Adolf, who operates the camera. Meanwhile, Medea is trying to finish "Up with Dead People," the epic political-porno-zombie movie that she has been working on for years. She convinces its star, Fritz Fritze, to allow the vulnerable Otto to stay in his guest bedroom. When Otto discovers that there is a wallet in his back pocket that contains information about his past, before he was dead, he begins to remember a few details, including memories of his ex-boyfriend, Rudolf. He arranges to meet him at the schoolyard where they met, with devastating

The New Bob Mould

The new and as yet untitled Bob Mould album, which he produced and mixed, will be available April 7. I hate it when people say albums "drop."

Track names and running list
1. Life And Times
2. The Breach
3. City Lights (Day Go By)
4. MM17
5. Argos
6. Bad Blood Better
7. Wasted World
8. Spiraling Down
9. I'm Sorry, Baby, But You Can't Stand In My Light Any More
10. Lifetime

His DVD Circle of Friends is available. His biography by Michael Azzerad is slated for a Fall 2010 release.

Bob Mould Accoutrements

Noisepop Festival Press Release

New Confirmations Include : Bob Mould, Thao, The Ohsees, Sleepy Sun,
Ra Ra Riot, Sholi and From Monument To Masses

January 8, 2009—San Francisco, CA Event producers, Noise Pop Industries, have released additional headliners and other new event details for Noise Pop 2009. The 17th year of the West Coast’s premiere independent celebration of music, film and art will take place February 24 through March 1, 2009 at venues throughout San Francisco, CA.

Newly announced headliners for Noise Pop 2009 will include legendary singer/songwriter Bob Mould, Thao, The Ohsees, Sleepy Sun, Ra Ra Riot, Sholi and From Monument To Masses. John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats will also return to Noise Pop in song and conversation as part of a special lecture event, Talking Music, produced in partnership with City Arts & Lectures. These new artists join previously confirmed acts the French Kicks, A.C. Newman, St. Vincent, Martha Wainwright, Broken West, Clues, The Morning Benders, No Age, Josh Ritter, The Submarines and Stephen Malkmus' who is performing his first ever solo show in the Bay Area.

Antony and the Johnsons are performing at San Francisco’s beautiful Masonic Center on February 24 as part of Noise Pop 2009. Tickets for this special opening night show go on sale through Ticketmaster on Sunday, January 11. Additional opening night Noise Pop events will be announced in the coming weeks.

Show schedule information and individual tickets for many Noise Pop events will be offered for exclusive presale from the Noise Pop 2009 Festival site (, starting today, January 8, 2009. The Noise Pop ticket store is powered by partner In Ticketing, with a tree being planted for every ticket sold. Individual tickets will go on sale through all regular venue outlets starting on Sunday, January 11. Noise Pop 2009 Festival badges are still available. Noise Pop Badges grant the owner entry to all general admission Noise Pop Festival events and are priced at $150 each. An early bird 10% discount is being offered until January 12, 2009.

In addition to dozens of live music events, Noise Pop 2009 will include a film festival, gallery art openings, and “Industry Noise” (co-produced with Bandwidth Conference) a single day music industry conference featuring educational panels. Also returning for the fourth year is “Pop ‘n’ Shop” – Noise Pop’s take on the local indie designer trunk sale and rock poster show.

Just the news: Cactus

"“The best band I have seen in 10 years!” - Greig Nori, Producer (Sum41, Broken Social Scene) Erm, wow, two bands I would gladly live out my days having never heard from again.

1/15 Nashville, TN @ The End

02/19 Washington, DC @ The Red and The Black

02/20 Staunton, VA @ Kronos

Antony and the Johnsons Announce “The Crying Light” Presale

Antony and the Johnsons Announce The Crying Light Presale w/ Instant Digital Download and Bonus Track.

Purchase Back Catalogue or the New Album Here Here

An instant digital download of their forthcoming album The Crying Light and a bonus track, “My Lord, My Love” are available with pre-sale from the band's website. The album will be released in the UK and Europe January 19 via Rough Trade and January 20 in the U.S. through Secretly Canadian.

American Dates
02/02: Glenside, PA @ Keswick Theatre
02/03: Washington, DC @ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
02/04: Columbus, OH @ Southern Theatre
02/07: Knoxville, TN @ Big Ears Festival
02/08: Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
02/12: Chicago, IL @ Vic Theatre
02/13: Milwaukee, WI @ Pabst Theater
02/14: Minneapolis, MN @ Pantages Theatre
02/17: Toronto, ON @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre
02/19: New York, NY @ Town Hall
02/20: New York, NY @ Town Hall
02/22: Boston, MA @ Berklee Performance Center
02/24: San Francisco, CA @ Nob Hill Masonic Center
02/27: Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre
02/28: Seattle, WA @ Moore Theatre

European Dates
03/15: Bergen, Norway @ Griedhallen
03/17: Oslo, Norway @ Sentrum Scene
03/19: Stockholm, Sweden @ Cirkus
03/21: Helsinki, Finland @ House of Culture
03/26: Copenhagen, Denmark @ Falkoner
03/28: Ancona, Italy @ Teatore delle Muse
03/29: Rome, Italy @ Auditorium il parco della Musica
03/31: Prato, Italy @ Teatro Politearna Pratese
04/01: Milan, Italy @ Sala Verdi Conservatorio
04/04: Zurich, Switzerland @ Kongresshaus
04/06: Strasbourg, France @ La Laiterie
04/09: Paris, France @ Le Grand Rex
04/13: Brussels, Belgium @ Bozar
04/15: Barcelona, Spain @ Palau de la Musica
04/23: Munich, Germany @ Postpalast
04/24: Berlin, Germany @ Admiralpalast
04/27: Frankfuhrt, Germany @ Alte Oper
04/29: Warsaw, Poland @ National Theatre
05/01: Krems, Austria @ Donaufesival
05/03: Eindhoven, Netherlands @ MC FritsPhilips
05/05: San Sebastian, Spain @ Kursaal Auditorium
05/07: Murcia, Spain @ Auditorio de Murcia
05/11: Madrid, Spain @ Palacio de Congresos
05/14: Lisbon, Portugal @ Coliseum
05/16: Braga, Portugal @ Teatro Circo
05/18: Porto, Portugal @ Coliseum
05/21: Brighton, UK @ Brighton Dome Concert Hall
05/22: Brimingham, UK @ Symphony Hall
05/24: Bristol UK @ Colston Hall
05/27: London, UK @ Hammersmith Apollo
05/29: Gateshead, UK @ The Sage
05/31: Dublin, Ireland @ Vicar St
06/01: Belfast, UK @ Waterfront
06/04: Edinburgh, UK @ Playhouse

Mahjongg Announce Winter 2009 US Tour

Mahjongg Announce Winter 2009 US TOUR / Release Video For "Groove Rider" / 7" Single Out Now On K Records

US Tour Dates
1/29 - The House Cafe - Dekalb IL
1/30 - Gardner Lounge - Grinnell College - Grinnell IA
1/31- Billiken Club - St Louis MO
2/12 - Al's Bar - Lexington KY
2/13 - Pilot Light - Knoxville TN
2/17 - Outback Lodge - Charlottesville VA
2/18 - Floristree - Balitmore MD
2/19 - Chronic Town - State College PA
2/20 - The Cinemat - Bloomington IN
2/21 - Hideout - Chicago IL

A clip from the Pitchfork Festival performance:

The Fabulous Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird's new album Noble Beast is available on vinyl, as a deluxe limited edition w/ an extra cd, and a regular cd edition.

1. Oh No
2. Masterswarm
3. Fitz and the Dizzyspells
4. Effigy
5. Tenuousness
6. Nomenclature
7. ouo
8. Not a Robot, But a Ghost
9. Unfolding Fans
10. Anonanimal
11. Natural Disaster
12. The Privateers
13. Souverian
14. On Ho
Noble Beast $9.99

Deluxe Limited Edition Double Cd
Disc: 1
1. Oh No
2. Masterswarm
3. Fitz and the Dizzyspells
4. Effigy
5. Tenuousness
6. Nomenclature
7. ouo
8. Not a Robot, But a Ghost
9. Unfolding Fans
10. Anonanimal
11. Natural Disaster
12. The Privateers
13. Souverian
14. On Ho

Disc: 2
1. Master Sigh
2. You Woke Me Up!
3. Nyatiti
4. The Barn Tapes
5. Carrion Suite
6. Spinney
7. Dissent
8. Hot Math
9. Sigh Master

Tour Dates:

Jan 19 - Washington, DC - Black Cat - The Big Shoulders Ball
Jan 25 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of the Living Arts
Jan 26 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
Jan 28 - New York, NY - Carnegie Hall
Jan 30 - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre
Feb 3 - Washington, DC - 930 Club
Feb 4 - Atlanta, GA - The Variety Playhouse
Feb 6 - Orlando, FL - The Plaza Theatre
Feb 7 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
Feb 12 - Austin, TX - The Paramount Theatre - OBSTRUCTED VIEW ONLY REMAIN - SOLO SHOW
Feb 13 - Albuquerque, NM - The El Rey Theate
Feb 14 - Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theater
Feb 15 - San Diego, CA - SOMA
Feb 18 - Los Angeles, CA - The Orpheum Theatre
Feb 19 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
Feb 20 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
Feb 21 - Portland, OR - The Roseland Theater
Feb 23 - Seattle, WA - The Moore Theater
Feb 24 - Boise, ID - Knitting Factory
Feb 25 - Murray, UT - The Murray Theater
Feb 26 - Denver, CO - The Ogden Theater
Feb 27 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown
Feb 28 - Des Moines, IA - Hoyt Sherman Place
Mar 15 - St. Louis, MO - The Pageant
Mar 16 - Lawrence, KS - Liberty Hall
Mar 17 - Tulsa, OK - Cain’s Ballroom
Mar 21 - Houston, TX - House of Blues
Mar 22 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theater
Mar 23 - Oxford, MS - The Lyric Oxford
Apr 2 - Cleveland, OH - Allen Theatre, Playhouse Square
Apr 3 - Toronto, ON - Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Apr 4 - Montreal, QC - Le National
Apr 5 - South Burlington, VT - Higher Ground
Apr 7 - Pittsburgh, PA - Carnegie Music Hall
Apr 8 - Ann Arbor, MI - Michigan Theater
Apr 10 - Chicago, IL - The Civic Opera House
Apr 11 - Minneapolis, MN - The State Theater
Apr 27 - Paris, FR - La Cigale

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eleni Mandell New album and Tour

January 16 Los Angeles Hotel Café (8 PM)
The new Eleni Mandell release Artificial Fire will be released 2/17 on Zedtone.

January 30 Los Angeles Hotel Café (8 PM)
March 5 New York City Joe’s Pub
March 19 San Francisco Cafe Du Nord
March 22 Seattle, WA Triple Door
March 26 Chicago, IL Schuba’s
March 27 Minneapolis, MN The Cedar
March 28 Kansas City, MO Davey’s Uptown

Info from her press release:
Based in Los Angeles, Mandell is a leading light in the city’s Silver Lake music scene, and is part of The Living Sisters, a local “supergroup” also featuring Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond) and Inara George (The Bird and the Bee). All the songs on Artificial Fire were written by Mandell, and arranged, recorded and produced with her longtime band (Drake on guitar, Ryan Feves on bass and Kevin Fitzgerald on drums.), allowing the group’s cohesiveness and musical acumen to shape the tracks while Mandell’s articulate lyrics hold centerstage. Guests include DJ Bonebrake (X, The Knitters), fellow Living Sister Inara George, and Silver Lake music scene regulars Jason Borger, Danny T. Levin and Charlie Wadhams. The album was produced by Mandell, Drake, Feves, Fitzgerald and Dave Trumfio.

An older single "Girls"

Raconteurs Bonnaroo Downloads

From the Raconteurs:
We are excited to be a part of Bonnaroo 365, a program by which fans can relive the Bonnaroo experience year round! Select full performances will be streamed periodically at no charge on and The Raconteurs' set will be the first one showcased this Sunday, January 11th, 2009.

Four of the songs from the set will be available for the first time as free audio downloads – one will be available to everyone, while the other three can be downloaded by Bonnaroo Community members only (membership sign-up is free). The songs to be available for download are "Consoler of the Lonely," "Old Enough," "Blue Veins" and "Top Yourself." Beginning on January 7th, they will stream one song from the performance until the 11th when the complete set will be available.

If that's not enough, this Sunday the full set will be available in streaming video at BONNAROO.COM and select radio stations across the country will broadcast the entire set as well. We hope you enjoy reliving the experience as much as we have.

Raconteurs Live at Bonnaroo 2008 Sunday Night Concert on

Jones Street Station

The Jones Street Boys were commissioned to score nine songs for The Woodshed Collective's production of Caridad Svitch's Twelve Ophelias, as well as perform them live during the twenty-two date run this past summer in Brooklyn's historic McCarren Park Pool. Additionally, June 26th saw the launch of "Live from Down Home" a monthly Americana music series, which the band helped develop, and now curate and host at the Housing Works Used Bookstore and Café - a Manhattan-based non-profit.

Tour dates:
Jan 13 - Birdy’s - Indianapolis, IN
Jan 14 - Uncle Fester’s - Bloomington, IN
Jan 15 - The Old Rockhouse - St. Louis, MO
Jan 16 - The Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL
Jan 17 - Nomad Pub - Minneapolis, MN
Jan 18 - The Stonefly - Milwaukee, WI
Jan 20 - The Annex - Madison, WI
Jan 23 - The Southgate House - Newport, KY
Feb 5 - Live From Down Home - Housing Works Café - New York, NY
Feb 24 - The Somerville Theatre w/ Ben Kweller - Somerville, MA
Feb 25 - Town Hall w/ Ben Kweller - New York, NY
Feb 26 - The 9:30 Club w/ Ben Kweller - Washington DC
Feb 27 - Theatre of the Living Arts w/ Ben Kweller - Philadelphia, PA

The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer Rebellion will release their sophomore album digitally on January 11.

Evacuate - The Boxer Rebellion

Official Website:

Montreal DJ/Producer CFCF Signs To Paper bag Records

CFCF Panesian Nights Track Listing:
1. Crystal Mines
2. Call Girl
3. The Explorers
4. Arctic
5. Sogni Rossi
6. Goodbye
7. Color Dreams
Paper Bag Records is a Canadian-owned record label based out of Toronto, initially developing and releasing the debut albums from Broken Social Scene and Stars. Additions to the roster are a true reflection of our interest in supporting a diverse roster of talent, and include The Acorn, Tokyo Police Club, Woodhands, Laura Barrett, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Slim Twig and Winter Gloves. We also have the pleasure of working with Scandinavian artists Under Byen and Sally Shapiro on their releases in North America.

Now operating within the Paper Bag umbrella, Paper Bag Digital is focussed solely on creating digital releases, building a digital catalogue of artists and establishing a strong online presence for artists on the traditional label roster. Current releases include Woodhands' I Wasn't Made For Fighting EP, You Say Party! We Say Die!'s Remik's Cube, and Montreal DJ/Producer CFCF Panesian Nights. Paper Bag Digital is distributed by North American digital powerhouse, The Orchard.

Paper Bag Records was voted "Best Toronto Record Label" by NOW Magazine, Best of 2008.

For more info, please visit:

Miniature Tigers

Miniature Tigers debut release Tell it to the Volcano on Modern Art Records.

The band is touring and has added Phantom Planet’s Darren Robinson to their touring band arsenal.

Tour Dates:
With Lenka
1/15/09 Thu San Francisco CA The Independent
1/16/09 Fri Modesto CA Modesto Virtual
1/17/09 Sat Santa Barbara CA SoHo

With Dear & The Headlights
2/24/09 Tue Los Angeles CA Knitting Factory
2/25/09 Wed Anaheim CA Chain Reaction
2/26/09 Thu Modesto CA Modesto Virtual
2/27/09 Fri San Francisco CA Bottom of the Hill
2/28/09 Sat Orangevale CA Boardwalk
3/1/09 Sun Portland OR Satyricon
3/2/09 Mon Seattle WA El Corazon
3/4/09 Wed Boise ID The Venue
3/5/09 Thu Salt Lake City UT Avalon Theatre
3/7/09 Sat Denver CO Marquis Theatre
3/8/09 Sun Omaha NE Sokol Underground
3/10/09 Tue Minneapolis MN Triple Rock
3/11/09 Wed Iowa City IA Picador
3/12/09 Thu Chicago IL Reggie's Rock Club
3/13/09 Fri Columbia MO Mojo's
3/14/09 Sat Tulsa OK The Marquee
3/15/09 Sun Dallas TX The Door
3/17/09 Tue San Antonio TX Rock Bottom Bar

3/19/09 Thu Austin TX Jackalope

Project Jenny, Project Jan

The Colors EP, which features songs with Fujiya & Miyagi, Mixel Pixel, So Percussion, Adam Matta and One Watt Sun will be released in March with
all proceeds going to the 826 Organization.

"In 2008, PJPJ had a cameo in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, toured with Fujiya & Miyagi,and worked on an upcoming collaboration record along with their own new PJPJ release. Sammy and Jeremy have more PROJECTS for the new year! They recently contributed to the Buffetlibre DJ's Rewind 2 project, which debuted on January 1st, and they are hitting the road again with dates all across the U.S."

CMJ: "XOXOXOXOXO' Top 25 Album of 2007"

Buffetlibre DJs Rewind 2 project features reinterpretations from Au Revoir Simone, Little Boots, Amiina, Bonde do Role and others. Listen to PJPJ's cover HERE!

Tour Dates:
01/10/09 The Bell House with Andrew Thompson - Brooklyn, NY
02/13/09 Wesleyan University - Middletown CT*
02/20/09 Cats Cradle - Carrboro NC**
02/21/09 40 Watt Club - Athens GA**
02/23/09 Back Booth - Orlando FL**
02/24/09 Club Downunder - Tallahassee FL**
02/25/09 Spanish Moon Baton - Rouge LA**
02/27/09 Emos Alternative Lounge - Austin TX**
02/28/09 Palladium Loft - Dallas TX**
03/02/09 Rhythm Room - Phoenix AZ**
03/03/09 Echoplex - Los Angeles CA***
03/05/09 The Independent - San Francisco CA***
03/06/09 Doug Fir Lounge - Portland OR***
03/07/09 Neumos - Seattle WA***

* w/ Passion Pit
**w/ Fujiya & Miyagi
***w /Fujiya & Miyagi and Pop Levi

Download North Carolina’s The Old Ceremony

"alt-Country" band The Old Ceremony "Til My Voice Is Gone"
Free download:

The new album Walk on Thin Air will be available February 9 on Alyosha Records. It was recorded at Studio M in Durham, NC and mixed by Chris Stamey (Ryan Adams, Yo La Tengo), Ian Schreier (Annuals, Joe Henry), and Thom Canova (Film School, Ralph Carney). Press materials describe the music as "Whiskeytown on anti-depressants, super-optimistic Americana."

Itunes Pricing News

Apple has announced they will be changing their price from .99 per song to .69 and that the majority will be drm free. They released the following statement:
"Beginning today, all four major music labels — Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, Warner Music Group and EMI — and thousands of independent labels, now offer their music in the DRM-free iTunes Plus format with higher-quality 256 kbps AAC encoding. iTunes customers can also now purchase and download songs directly onto their iPhone 3G over their 3G network — just as they do with Wi-Fi today — for the same price as downloading to their computer. And in April, based on what the music labels charge Apple, songs on iTunes will be available for 69¢, 99¢, or $1.29, with most albums still priced at $9.99."

Now will the major labels get a friggin' clue and stop disabling embedding on youtube videos?

Stooges Guitarist Ron Asheton Has Died

Ronald Franklin Asheton July 17, 1948 - January 6, 2009

Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton was found dead in his Michigan home.
An official cause of death has not yet been released. From the Stooges camp:

"We are shocked and shaken by the news of Ron’s death. He was a great friend, brother, musician, trooper. Irreplaceable. He will be missed.

For all that knew him behind the façade of Mr Cool & Quirky, he was a kind-hearted, genuine, warm person who always believed that people meant well even if they did not.

As a musician Ron was The Guitar God, idol to follow and inspire others. That is how he will be remembered by people who had a great pleasure to work with him, learn from him and share good and bad times with him."

Iggy, Scott, Steve, Mike and Crew


"I am in shock. He was my best friend."

Iggy Pop

Purchase Must Have Stooges Recordings Funhouse, Raw Power and More

Thao Daytrotter Session and Shaky Hands Dates

Thao's Daytrotter Session featuring one brand new song:

Shaky Hands with the Meat Puppets
January 2009

13 - San Diego, CA @ Casbah - w/ Meat Puppets
14 - Long Beach, CA @ Alex's Bar - w/ Meat Puppets
15 - Santa Barbara, CA @ SOHO - w/ Meat Puppets
16 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Rio Theater - w/ Meat Puppets
17 - San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill - w/ Meat Puppets
18 - Petaluma, CA @ McNear's Mystic Theater - w/ Meat Puppets
20 - Eugene, OR @ W.O.W. Hall - w/ Meat Puppets
21 - Boise, ID @ Grizzly Rose - w/ Meat Puppets
22 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge - w/ Meat Puppets
24 - Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater - w/ Meat Puppets

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sleater-Kinney "Get Up"

video directed by Miranda July

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Grooviest Motel in Wisconsin

A friend sent me this site link and I am amazed. http://www. lileks. com/institute/motel/index. html

News is slow:

Punk photographer Jenny Lens has just released her first eBook: a tribute to The Ramones. www. jennylens. com.

Mark Mothersbaugh's art Postcard Diaries prints will be shown at Andenken Gallery in Denver, CO this month. The opening Reception is on Jan. 16th. Speaking of Devo - their song "Watch Us Work It" is now available on 12" vinyl.

Prince is reportedly releasing three albums this year.

Retro-riffic! Teens Gone Bad! Hair Gone Wrong!

Did anyone read Popshifter's Retro is so Retro issue?

I wrote a bit about music video shows of the 80s such as MV3 and USA Nightflight

There is a hilarious Tuff Turf tribute

and a list and synopsis of must see 70s and 80s teens on film—1980-ten-golden-years-of-teen-films/ It has Foxes and Born Innocent and The Death of Richie and Bad Ronald and other (possibly forgotten) gems.

and also a Degrassi article

Is Music Better When It's Sung By Cartoons?

"Out of sight makin' things with Lite Brite"

Which brings me to

posted by youtube user FuzzyMemoriesTV

Mission Magic (W/ Rick Springfield)

The Groovy Ghoulies

The Archies

The Banana Splits Theme

restoration and posting by youtube user Briben57

Scrabble and more magical wonder from PESfilm

I wanted this for Christmas.

PESfilm made this commercial. Those of you who follow the blog have seen me post their work before - they are great.

Youtube user PESfilm

Mix Tapes For The (Hopefully) Impressionable

I made mixes for many young people this holiday season and here is a song I put on my 14 year old pseudo niece's mix by Be Your Own Pet titled "Becky." She's into The Jonas Brothers and Disney and stuff, but I'm trying to broaden her horizons.

I also gave her The Runaways

I also gave her The Gossip "Listen Up"

I'll post some more things I put on my nephews mixes and such in a few days if I remember. Let me know if you have any other song ideas. It's been forever since I've had a comment.

I'm a Princess!

created by Pinky and Cherrybomb (Curlygirlz@youtube)