Friday, January 30, 2015

Retro Pop Culture Weirdness: Otherworld

Otherworld circa 1985 Season One Episode Four "Rock and Roll Suicide" Retro Pop Culture Excellence Heads Up From My Friend Brian: "Prepare to have your mind blown! In this amazing episode of Otherworld, the elder Sterling kids, Trace & Gina, invent something called "rock n' roll" and pass off such songs as "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "Jumpin' Jack Flash", "Modern Love", "Surrender", "Rock N Roll Fantasy" & "Bop Girl" as their own. But the authorities & the Church of Artificial Intelligence feel threatened and don't like it... especially after playing the recordings backwards!! ps- Jonathan Banks (aka "Mike" from Breaking Bad) can be seen in the last 5min as "Kommander Kroll." Best quote may be: "It's exciting but it frightens me." And why is the guy wearing a full David Bowie "Modern Love" getup in the recording studio? Seventeen minutes in the audience hair blowing is pretty epic.

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