Friday, February 6, 2015

Kim Gordon Pens Book. Girl in a Band: A Memoir

Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth and all around kick ass person, (never mind strong female), has written a book, Girl in a Band: A Memoir. She writes in a surprisingly candid open way about being in Sonic Youth, her love lie, the dissolution of her marriage, and relationship with daughter Coco. The HarperCollins Publishers book and Kindle version will both be available February 24. What the critics are saying: ''The blonde enigma from the band that spoke softly and carried a big noise tells her story, from art-chick beginnings to success to marital and musical catastrophe…Written with the same cool passion she brings to her lyrics, Gordon delivers a generous look at life inside the punk whirlwind.'' --Kirkus Reviews ''In this intriguing memoir, Sonic Youth founding member Kim Gordon describes a life in art and music that led her through the undergrounds of Los Angeles and New York City…The strength of Gordon's prose lies in her evocation of places - the dappled light of LA canyons, the clamor and steaming heat of Hong Kong, the NYC loft scene…Although Gordon includes expected list of celebrities she met throughout life, her unique sensibility never fades.'' --Publishers Weekly

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