Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dan Padilla Releases New Album For Free - Getcher Copy Here

Dan Padilla (which is a band - not a person) has announced a partnership with Paper + Plastick Records, Razorcake and to release the new album As The Ox Plows.The vinyl release is scheduled for later this year, (could I be more general), but fans and potential converts can download the album right now free free free. Yes free.

So hop to it and getcher very own digital copy for the excellent and reasonable price of FREE here at

Official press release info:
Proving that punk rock can still be a collective community that isn’t about being cut throat and turning a profit, but focuses on the passion for the music, Paper + Plastick has also recently partnered with Panic Records and Suburban Home to release new music from Make Do And Mend and The Gamits. P+P founder Vinnie Fiorello says, “releasing the Dan Padilla songs with Punknews and Razorcake continues the trend of Paper + Plastick working with other labels and companies to release great music. I always liked the sense of community in the punk rock scene while growing up, and working together with other labels proves that you don’t need enemies in the business world… you just need a common goal or common passion.”

The dudes in Dan Padilla, which features members of Tiltwheel and Madison Bloodbath, have been involved in the San Diego DIY punk scene for two decades, setting up and running shows, recording, and helping touring bands with food and a floor to sleep on. Keeping the scene alive, the partnership of Dan Padilla and Paper + Plastick allowed the band to stay true to their DIY ethics and morals, while releasing their music to a broader audience. “We are very happy to put the record out with Paper and Plastick,” says vocalist/guitarist J. Wang. “We wanted some different ears to hear this record, and from the beginning Vinnie made it very clear that we didn’t have to do anything we were not comfortable with, and told us he wanted everyone involved with this record to come out of the project happy.”

Writing gruff, politically and culturally aware punk songs, Fiorello adds, “they remind me of the early Lookout! Records bands, with songs that give every ounce of sweat and blood in the writing and recording.” Of the release, Wang adds "The latest world and national events going on, like immigration and state wide laws being created to profile residents and infringe on their civil rights just by the origination of their culture is really scary. Preaching to the converted? That’s usually what we’re doing. If one person hears the record that has never heard Dan Padilla before and it sparks interest for them to learn about some type of cultural issue like the law on immigration in Arizona, or lack of civil rights due to your sexual preference, then I think we did a good thing.”

Dan Padilla is J. Wang (vocals/guitar), Gene Doney (drums), Davey Quinn (bass), and Matty Kirkley (guitar/vocals).

Dan Padilla – As The Ox Plows track listing

1) Six
2) The Last Arrivals
3) Walk An American Mile
4) Way Too Long
6) Fast or Slow Zombie, It’s Your Choice
7) What Are We Here For?
8) Chaparral Real
9) From The Start
10) Is That It?
11) Booker T Would Agree
12) Something After

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