Thursday, August 26, 2010

The State's "Lost" Comedy Album to be Issues by Rhino Handmade

In their never ending quest for the contents of your paycheck - Rhino handmade will release a comedy album from the classic troupe The State. The collection will be available September 21 and you may pre-order it exclusively at here for $19.98.

If you haven't checked out the recently issued dvd set - the series holds up and brings back great memories for those of us who dutifully tuned into MTV to watch The State back when MTV also played music videos. I wish I could afford the box set - "I wanna dip my balls in it."

“It was a freeing experience because no one was watching over us, there were no adults around. We'd swim and drink and gamble all day and record the silly ideas we’d had that day up into the wee hours that night like kids making tapes in the basement. If you listen, you can hear the ice clinking in the rum drinks we had in hand at all times. I don't think any of us realized it was the last time we’d all be in the same place for an extended period of time working on a project that would actually see the light of day. Much of it was improvised by a group of people with no improv training whatsoever. We always assumed that one of the reasons it wasn’t released back then is because so much of it is so insane for back then.” - Kevin Allison

Joe Lo Truglio adds, “I heard once that the ’80’s Latino pop group Menudu used to turn over their members every three years, to keep the group young. Well this album's been marinating for over four Menudos, we're old as hell now, and ‘menudo’ means ‘soup’ which is a dumbass name for a band anyway. Bienvenidos a Gracious Living!”

Comedy For Gracious Living Track Listing

1. “Barbershop Tourettes”
2. “Jailbreak”
3. “Skip This Track (They Were Drunk.)”
4. “Illegal Rubbing”
5. “The Late Mr. & Mrs. Balloon”
6. “The Kendalpants Manor Affair: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery”
7. “Zucchini Bread”
8. “Laurie Anderson Song”
9. “The Koo-Koo Koach In ‘Half-Time Hilarity’”
10. “Glass Eyes”
11. “Disclaimer”
12. “International Farting Mice”
13. “Animal Sounds”
14. “Bald”
15. “Houston”
16. “The Uncomfortable Adventure Of Doctor Shrinkyballs”
17. “Kerri’s One Second Noise”
18. “Goin’ Off”
19. “These Are The Things We Love”
20. “Timmy The Tugboat”
21. “Steve”
22. “Which Would You Rather Do?”
23. “Stadium Seats”
24. “The News From Central Minnesota”
25. “Something Terrible’s Happened”

In case your memory needs refreshing (and this roster leaves off the brilliant summer comedy film Wet Hot American Summer.):
Kevin Allison (The Ten, RENO 911!: Miami,
Michael Ian Black (“Ed,” “Stella,” “Michael & Michael Have Issues,” Run, Fat Boy, Run)
Robert Ben Garant (“RENO 911!,” “Viva Variety,” Balls Of Fury)
Todd Holoubek (The Ten, RENO 911!: Miami)
Michael Patrick Jann (“RENO 911!,” “Little Britain: USA,” “Flight Of The Conchords”)
Kerri Kenney-Silver (“RENO 911!,” “Viva Variety,” “The Ellen Show,” The Ten, Role Models)
Thomas Lennon (“RENO 911!,” I Love You Man, Balls Of Fury)
Joe Lo Truglio (“RENO 911!,” Superbad, I Love You Man)
Ken Marino (“Party Down,” The Ten, “Children’s Hospital”)
Michael Showalter (“Michael & Michael Have Issues,” The Baxter, Wet Hot American Summer)
David Wain (“Stella,” Role Models, The Ten, “Wainy Days”)

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