Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Einstürzende Neubauten Announce 30th Anniversary Performances in North America

Purely because I'm in a rush and and didn't want to wait another day to post - not due to lack of interest in the story, here's the unedited press release:

Einstürzende Neubauten Announce 30th Anniversary Performances in North America:

Groundbreaking Berlin Avant-Garde Musicians Present Concerts and Multi-Disciplinary Experiences in Five Cities

Einstürzende Neubauten, Berlin's storied and essential leading edge of the international avant-garde music scene, will celebrate thirty years of live performance with a very select group of appearances in North America and Europe. In North America, four US cities and one Canadian city have been selected for the band's first dates on these shores in over six years. In each, the band will present two events on two consecutive days. One will be a traditional, full-length concert by the entire group with a repertoire spanning the length of their career. The second, however, will present fans with a uniquely-expanded opportunity to connect with the band members and further facets of their work. Among the elements involved:

Q & A With Fans: regarding the band's history, the various stages of creative development, work with the "supporters" of the project (phase 1-3), and about the future.
Workshops / Lectures: regarding the band's connection with Berlin culture from the 1980s to today.
Films: documenting the inner workings and public image of the band during the 30 years of their existence.
Band documentaries:

- HÖR MIT SCHMERZEN (2000) by Christian Beetz, a documentation of the band's first 20 years

- LIEBESLIEDER (1993) by Klaus Maeck, a 100-minute compilation of the years 1980-93, consisting primarily of live material.

- ON TOUR WITH NEUBAUTEN.ORG (2005) by Danielle de Picciotto, a documentation about "," the band's Internet project.

- HALBER MENSCH (1985), an artistic collaboration with the Japanese filmmaker Sogo Ishii.
Films whose soundtracks involved Neubauten:
- BERLIN BABYLON (DVD) 2002, by Hubertus Siegert, about the rebuilding and reorganization of the city of Berlin after the fall of the Wall.
Films that were produced by the Band themselves:

- GRUNDSTUECK (2005), the film of the "Supporter Concert" in the Palast der Republik, never shown publicly, which was originally only available to supporters of the Internet project.

- PALAST DER REPUBLIK (2006), the band’s official concert in the partially torn down GDR Palast der Republik.

Solo Performances: presenting individual band members' solo projects in the form of readings, musical performance and DJ sets

Photos: exhibiting fine photography related to the band

The Full Set of North American Dates:
The Music Box
Los Angeles CA *
The Echoplex
Los Angeles CA ^
The Fillmore
San Francisco CA *
San Francisco CA ^
Vic Theatre
Chicago IL*
Chicago IL ^
Phoenix Concert Theatre
Toronto ON *
Lee's Palace
Toronto ON ^
Webster Hall
New York NY *
Bowery Ballroom
New York NY ^
* Full-length Concert
^ Intimate Multidisciplinary Experience

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