Friday, October 11, 2013

Brendan Benson Says "You Were Right"

Brendan Benson is one of the most underrated consistently brilliant solo artists of our time. Oh yeah, and there's that other stuff he does under The Raconteurs moniker with that Third Man Records cat Jack White and his cronies, garage rock masters The Greenhornes. But for my money his solo work is where he shines most brightly as a beacon of all that is right with music. Benson released What Kind of World last year, and this holiday season (December 10th to be specific) will see the release of his latest set of gems You Were Right via Benson's own Readymade Records. The tracks are: 1. It’s Your Choice 2. Rejuvenate Me 3. As of Tonight 4. Diamond 5. Long Term Goal 6. I Don’t Wanna See You Anymore 7. I’ll Never Tell 8. Swallow You Whole 9. She’s Trying to Poison Me 10. Purely Automatic 11. New Words of Wisdom 12. Oh My Love 13. The Fritz 14. Swimming 15. Red White and Blues In celebration of the new release (in lieu of punch and pie), there will be a Brendan Benson & Friends concert at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on December 18. Those aforementioned friends are said to include Jack White, Adriel Denae, Eric Burdon, Butch Walker, Jesse Baylin, Ken Stringfellow, Jon Auer, Cory Chisel, Willy Mason, The Howlin’ Brothers, and Young Hines. Everyone with good musical taste in Nashville should attend, because Great Googly Moogly, if Brendan Benson plus members of Big Star and The Posies won't get you out of bed, then you're a certified loon.

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