Friday, October 11, 2013

New Sarah McLachlan Album

Apparently in the wee hours, while I've been away, Sarah McLachlan and her elves have been hard at work constructing a youtube channel, a website and a new album. Or as I like to say, AB-LUM, to be released next year. It appears I've crawled out from under my ("I don't care about writing music reviews for a magazine or my blog, etc") lazy self just in time for her to make this announcement: And in the land of social media there was much rejoicing. Side note: One of the best concert moments of my life (which is saying a lot) happened watching Sarah Mclachlan rehearse for Lilith Fair. I'd seen her several times in the past (and even talked with her about buying her first 12" single - to her embarrassment - and gave her a tin of violet candies). I sat alone in the outdoor auditorium petting her big black dog whose name I've long since forgotten. And I admit a tear may have slipped from my eye as I heard her transcendent ethereal voice performing for a crowd of one. I half expected someone to toss me out, but no one did. I was thankful for that. Later I did some side schlepping for Pat Benatar and I saw Sarah, hair tucked up in a trucker hat, amongst the throng of fair attendees about twenty feet from me acting all "Please no one look at me." Our eyes locked for a few seconds and she put her finger up to her mouth "Shh." I nodded and thanked her silently for the performance by telling no one she was there.

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