Friday, March 28, 2014

Kaye Telle's Random Daily Thoughts

Thinking about more goofiness by 8am than most people do all day. Some days a thrift store fabric chicken has to be enough to get one out of bed. I need to stop being such a gloomy Gus - put on my cha cha heels & just get on with it. Maybe a Fez. Uncertain of attire at this juncture. Still, I'll thank you not to tell me about omelettes. In semi recent retro ramblings, it occurs to me the only thing Har Mar Superstar was missing was a Cameo codpiece. Word up. "This is the police. Come out with your hands up and codpiece on". Also re: assless chaps. Aren't all chaps assless? Does LeVar Burton know? Is this a matter for the Village People? I initially meant to write about Criterion Collection issuing pencil art of Bill Murray, the Coens, and more by Agata Marszalek but in another of my life's moments of synchronicity I saw a wonderful picture not ten minutes after that. I worship at the alter of Bill Murray's life affirming Pabst Blue Ribbon pants. Only these pants could overshadow such a dapper jacket. In another moment of coincidence just a few days before the whole dredging up of "previously unreleased Kurt Cobain photos," I finally got around to reading Eric Erlandson's book Letters To Kurt . He is an excellent writer and quite the funny turner of a phrase. The trouble is that if you didn't run in the same circles or even several degrees of Kevin Bacon away from those circles, you might have trouble treading water in his sea of references from time to time. He didn't issue a decoder ring or its accompanying deciphering codes, but I managed to catch his continental drift. It is a moving collection of prose as well as grist for the mill of introspection. Any sensitive thoughtful person who listens to the music of Hole or Nirvana should read it. It might even deserve repeat readings. It's a pity more people won't even give it the first go 'round, but hopefully one person might stumble upon this and decide to put down their tablets, turn off the internet, and pick up an actual paper and print book like in ye olde days. Anyway, support him and buy the book. That reminds me that among other things in my long time spiritual hibernation (and or existential crisis), I forgot to watch Patty Schemel's Documentary Hit So Hard. I'm ashamed for more reasons than just that. And yes I'm aware I'm very late to the party on this one. You may legally stream the full length film for a couple of bucks or buy the blue ray. Support her. Anyway here is a teaser for you: Those who know me, even in a cursory way will understand that regarding this whole Colbert Show boycott due to alleged racism and calls for cancellation I say, "Me Chinese. Me make joke. Me make pee pee in your Coke." Those who do not know me will think I am racist and call for my cancellation. Don't think I haven't thought of it myself. I don't want to live in a world where satire isn't allowed to exist.

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