Saturday, September 27, 2014

Calling All Mods! Calling All Mods!

Millions Like Us (The Story of Mod Revival 1977-1989) Any mod revivalist should find something interesting on this Mod Revival '77 - '89 Compilation. And don't blame me if you're not on this - the good folks at the always ace Cherry Red Records put it together. The box set is being launched with a special live event at Wimbledon AFC (details forthcoming). The box set includes lengthy liner notes, tons of rare photos and a substantial booklet. “Millions like us / Oh yes there's millions like us…” Millions Like Us is the first-ever box set to properly document the Mod Revival scene of the late Seventies and Eighties. Across 100 tracks by all the key bands, the story of the Mod Revival is told, from its roots in Punk/New Wave through to its commercial heyday in 1979 with bands like Secret Affair and The Lambrettas and onto its resurrection in 1985 with the likes of The Untouchables and Makin’ Time. “This is the time for action / This is the time to be seen” The box set boasts several Top 40 UK hit singles by Secret Affair, The Chords, The Lambrettas, The Untouchables and The Truth. Equally, many tracks have never been on CD before and The Upset’s ‘Only For Sheep’ and Nine Below Zero’s demo are previously unissued. The Mod scene continues to endure, and several books, films and TV programmes have come out in 2014 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Mod’s breakthrough back in 1964. “Imagination, a real sound / From the streets, from the towns” Several names on Millions Like Us progressed to fame and fortune, such as The Pogues’ Shane McGowan (The Nips), Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis (The Reaction), The Charlatans’ Martin Blunt (Makin’ Time), Paul Young (Q-Tips), The Alarm’s Mike Peters (Seventeen), The Style Council’s Mick Talbot (Merton Parkas), James Taylor of JTQ (The Prisoners), The Woodentops’ Rolo McGinty (The Upset). “I can see a new generation / Opening up, opening up in front of my eyes” While the four CDs are dominated by the explosion of bands/records in 1979, the box set reflects the extent to which Mod endured through the 1980s. Annotated with 20,000 words of text and numerous rare photos and other images, Millions Like Us is the ultimate tribute to a scene which captured a generation and yet has never been afforded any real degree of support from the mainstream media. The true Mod Revival was an underground phenomenon, driven by 60s-obsessed youths with a passion for music, clothes and scooters. Millions Like Us (The Story of Mod Revival 1977-1989) DISC ONE 1. THE NEW HEARTS - Just Another Teenage Anthem 2. THE EXITS - The Fashion Plague 3. THE REACTION - I Can’t Resist 4. STRANGEWAYS - All The Sounds Of Fear (Demo) 5. SEMA 4 - Sema 4 Messages 6. SPEEDBALL - No Survivors 7. THE JOLT - See Saw 8. THE CIGARETTES - They’re Back Again, Here They Come 9. THE KILLERMETERS - Why Should It Happen To Me 10. THE DONKEYS - What I Want 11. SECRET AFFAIR - Time For Action 12. PURPLE HEARTS - Millions Like Us 13. THE CHORDS - Now It’s Gone 14. BACK TO ZERO - Your Side Of Heaven 15. SQUIRE - Walking Down The Kings Road 16. MERTON PARKAS - Plastic Smile 17. THE CROOKS - Modern Boys 18. UNTAMED YOUTH Untamed Youth 19. THE FIRST STEPS - The Beat Is Back 20. THE NIPS - Gabrielle 21. THE TEENBEATS - Strength Of The Nation 22. THE LAMBRETTAS - Go Steady 23. LONG TALL SHORTY - 1970’s Boy 24. LES ELITE - Career Girls 25. BEGGAR - Don’t Throw Your Life Away (live) 26. THE MODS - Let Me Be The One (live) DISC TWO 1. THE CIRCLES - Opening Up 2. THE ODDS - Saturday Night 3. SEVENTEEN - Bank Holiday Weekend 4. THE MOST - Carefree 5. THE SCENE - Hey Girl 6. THE SAME - Wild About You 7. THE VANDELLS - Bank Holiday 8. THE DIRECTIONS - Three Bands Tonite 9. THE CHORDS - Maybe Tomorrow 10. STA-PREST - School Days 11. 9 BELOW ZERO - Pack Fair And Square (previously unissued demo) 12. THE ACCIDENTS - Blood Spattered With Guitars 13. MI5 - Television Screen Heroes 14. SECRET AFFAIR - My World 15. Q-TIPS - S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song) 16. RED BEANS AND RICE - That Driving Beat 17. DEAD BEATS - Choose You 18. THE LETTERS - Nobody Loves Me 19. THE NAME - Fuck Art Let’s Dance (Demo) 20. THE LAMBRETTAS - D-a-a-ance 21. SQUIRE - My Mind Goes Round In Circles 22. THE SCENE - I’ve Had Enough 23. D.C.10’s - I Can See Through Walls 24. RUN 229 - Soho 25. THE FIXATIONS - No Way Out 26. TWO TONE PINKS - Don’t Lecture Me DISC THREE 1. SMALL HOURS - The Kid 2. WEEKEND - Tina’s Party 3. THE UPSET - Only For Sheep (previously unissued) 4. THE AMBER SQUAD - Can We Go Dancing 5. THE TIMES - Red With Purple Flashes 6. THE HEARTBEATS - Go 7. THE DODOS – Blind To Fiction 8. THE RETREADS - Would You Listen Girl 9. LONG TALL SHORTY - Win Or Lose 10. THE GENTS - The Faker 11. THE CLUES - No Vacancies 12. THE ONLOOKERS - You And I 13. SMALL WORLD - Love Is Dead 14. PURPLE HEARTS - Plane Crash (Respond version) 15. THE STRIPES - One Step Ahead 16. DIRECT HITS - Modesty Blaise 17. THE DIPLOMATS - I’ll Keep On Holding On 18. THE TRUTH - Confusion (Hits Us Everytime) 19. THE PRISONERS - Hurricane 20. FAST EDDIE - I Don’t Need No Doctor 21. THE JETSET - Wednesday Girl 22. DEE WALKER - Jump Back 23. THE WAY OUT - Time Moves Us On 24. MANUAL SCAN - Nothing You Can Do 25. MOD FUN - I Am With You DISC FOUR 1. THE SCENE - Something That You Said 2. STUPIDITY - Bend Don’t Break 3. THE MOMENT - In This Town 4. THE UNTOUCHABLES - Free Yourself 5. THE COMBINE - Dreams Come True 6. THE ALLJACKS - Guilty 7. MAKIN’ TIME - Here Is My Number 8. THE CO-STARS - Kiss And Make Up 9. THE BOSS - One Good Reason 10. THE BLADES - The Last Man In Europe 11. 5:30! - Catcher In The Rye 12. SOLID STATE - Train To London Town 13. ELEANOR RIGBY - I Want To Sleep With You 14. THE RAGE - Looking For You 15. THE THREADS - Step Back 16. THE RISK - Jobs For The Boys 17. JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET - Blow Up 18. THE KICK - Julie London 19. THE REFLECTION A.O.B. - All I Want To Be 20. STUDIO 68 - Get Out Of My Hair 21. THE LEEPERS - Paint In A Day 22. THE CLIQUE - Worming 23. THE AARDVARKS - Arthur C. Clarke

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