Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Alison Moyet: Minutes and Seconds Live

Metropolis Records will release a new Alison Moyet album, Minutes and Seconds Live on November 11. Alison Moyet (former member of 1980's electronic powerhouse duo Yaz - or in the U.K. Yazoo), is one of my all time favorite female vocalists, and live she does not disappoint. Her low smooth tones drip with lyrical emotions on both studio recordings and live performances. Seeing this woman perform live will leave you with chills. In some sort of new marketing strategy which I hope is not going to be a future trend, the album will be released digitally November 11, 2014, while the physical CD will not be available until January 13, 2015 via Cooking Vinyl/Metropolis Records. My only complaint of this release thusfar is that it does not include her version of Ne Me Quitte Pas, which I have been unsuccessful in obtaining. It remains the "white whale" of my extensive album and single collection. The Minutes and Seconds Live tracklist is as follows: 01 - Horizon Flame (Live) 02 - When I Was Your Girl (Live) 03 - Ordinary Girl (Live) 04 - Remind Yourself (Live) 05 - Is This Love (Live) 06 - Winter Kills (Live) 07 - Filigree (Live) 08 - Only You (Live) 09 - Changeling (Live) 10 - This House (Live) 11 - All Signs of Life (Live) 12 - All Cried Out (Live) 13 - Situation (Live) Moyet said of the material from her last release The Minutes, "Having worked live for an age with a traditional band line-up, I decided to return to my recording roots and an electronic pallet. This rapprochement begins with my 2013 album the minutes, a body of work I wrote together with its producer Guy Sigsworth." And "As the catalyst for the minutes tour, it enabled me to revisit some of my earlier work, either in the context it was originally intended, or with a new ear. Instead, reworking organic songs into a programmed format rather than the other way around and sparing me the niggling suspicion that I was in danger of inhabiting my own tribute act - which is a relevant consideration when you have been singing some of the songs for 30 something years, and wish still to be engaged."

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