Friday, December 4, 2015

Miami's Krisp To Release More Synth Infused Music

 Krisp are a synth pop band from Miami Florida (but don't hold that against them), who formed in 2011.  I am loving their hooks from the upcoming album Sonic Monarch which is due January 15 from Gummdrops.  Yes the official description of their music strikes me as silly. They are being promoted as an "indie rock, chill wave, dance band" which means absolutely nothing to me, but I'm a curmudgeon of a blogger when it comes to labels.  I will say that they bring some of the good bits from the early and mid '80s electronic bands, but manage to blend it with a positive attitude that feels organic and cheery. They seem to be happy to be making music and that vibe shines through on their record. It makes me curious to see what I missed from their EP Mamani Vice.

When asked how their sound has progressed, Alex Lopez told Indie Shuffle, “On our first EP, Mamani Vice, we used a lot of synths and electric drums. For the new material on Sonic Monarch, it’s more organic, because its instrument-driven. We’re still using Charlie Wood’s synths, but not Juan’s or mine. We’ve got a funk/indie/electronic style going.”Band member Juan Ledesma comments, “The way we write has always been through practices and jam sessions. The tracks are always developed collaboratively and we adjust each other’s playing to accommodate our collective sensitivities.” Have a listen for yourself via Soundcloud:

About Gummdrops:  Gummdrops is a talent house based in South Florida, servicing the best musicians and performing artists in the region.

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