Friday, December 4, 2015

Noel Fielding & Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno Reveal Xmas Song Ft. Idris Elba

Noel Fielding & Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno Under the Moniker Loose Tapestries Reveal Video for Xmas Song Ft. Idris Elba

Noel Fielding (Mighty Boosh, Luxury Comedy) and Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno under their musical pseudonyms Vacuum Cloud and The Decision, respectively, have released a video featuring a rap by actor Idris Elba (The Wire). The video "Can't Wait For Christmas" was directed by Nigel Coan who has previously directed Fielding's Fielding's surreal series Luxury Comedy.

Speaking earlier to NME Pizzorno revealed,
"What's so amazing about Loose Tapestries is that it can be absolutely anything. On this new record there's an all-out pure disco tune, which I could never get away with usually. It's got the most incredible line in it that goes, 'Cocks in all directions / From flaccid to erections.' I don't think it gets better than that."

The new single "Can't Wait For Christmas" features the lyrical gems "Wanna thank you baby for this blue exercise bike and by February I'll be tapping up your sister"  and "Feels so good to cover my body in a bucket of goose fat.. and my wife is a walnut. A Christmas Walnut." Clearly this is the Christmas song the world has been lacking, so thank you Noel Fielding and Serge Pizzorno for the gift that will keep on "coming and coming" every year.

Loose Tapestries: Can't Wait for Christmas

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