Monday, December 21, 2009

Josh Dibb Turns Mali Africa Trip Into Charitable Fundrasier

Deacon and Animal Collective try to make a difference this holiday season.

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Direct from the press release:

"Joshua Dibb, aka Deacon of Animal Collective, has been invited to perform at 2010's Festival in the Desert. The Festival takes place in Essakane, Mali, in the middle of the Sahara on January 7-9. Originally Josh had started a project on to fund his trip, and make a CD and book that he would not make a cent from, but would bring awareness to Mali. Now something even better is happening! Due to some conversations and great people the trip will be funded by Paw Tracks (a record label Animal Collective has been using for many years) and all the money raised can go to help Africa.

When Dibb goes to Mali on January 2 Deacon wants to support stopping slavery there and help the region, by bringing $25,000 from music and Animal Collective fans. You can help abolish slavery by donating $10 to $25,000, and get a CD with new music from Deacon in the process if you donate $50 or more at Especially at the holiday times it is a chance to give directly to people who REALLY need help. TEMEDT is the Mali organization that the money will go to to create a law that abolishes slavery of the black Tuareg people, set up legal support services for them, create economic development in black Tuareg communities, and give them educational possibilities. It is a true anti-slavery movement. All Ashoka projects are cutting-edge social entrepreneurs, using innovative approaches to create systemic change.

Deacon will bring his music, heart and soul to Africa. He will be making music, bridges between cultures, and a CD and Book that will make Animal Collective fans and others aware of the plight and beauty of Mali and Africa. He will document the richness of the music, the cross-cultural exchange, the building of relationships, the pointing toward visions of wholeness for the future. Deacon will be playing completely new music at this event. Africa is a country ravaged by Aids, disease, civil war, genocide, poverty and hunger. This festival is an opportunity to celebrate and enhance the beauty and gifts of africa, and to bring healing internally and with the world. Deacon is thrilled to bring music and Animal Collective fans into this healing.

The funds need to be raised by midnight on December 31st, and it has been set up so that we need to reach the goal of 25,000 or it won't happen. We can do it! Happy Holidays!"

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