Friday, December 11, 2009

White Stripes Limited Edition Box Set Under Great White Northern Lights / Pre-Order

Pre-order: click here

The White Stripes have just announced the pre-sale for their new limited box set release Under Great White Northern Lights. The set is specially priced for 179.00 dollars (U.S.)if ordered prior to January 1. The set contains:
1 DVD of the Emmett Malloy directed documentary film Under Great White Northern Lights.
1 live DVD of the bands 10th Anniversary show Under Nova Scotian Lights.
1 double LP/CD of 16 live tracks
1 7" on colored vinyl
1 hardcover photography book
1 silk-screened print

Orders before January 1st will instantly receive three exclusive live mp3s, a special holiday card from the band via mail, and special pricing.

The White Stripes will premier footage of their song "Lets Shake Hands" on ( ) worldwide at 9 pm PST tonight. This performance was filmed at the bands 10th Anniversary show and can be seen on the DVD Under Nova Scotian Lights.

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