Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jack White Is a Douchebag (I didn't Say It)

I bet those who regularly read this blog, and or know me personally are in shock that I typed that, but really I'm referring to someone else's opinion. As I was discussing my never ending appreciation for Jack White's music last night my friend proclaimed "Maybe, but that guy's a douchebag." Apparently many people besides my friend and probably Jason Stollsteimer (Von Bondies) seem to think so and have become particularly vocal about this opinion following White's recent Rolling Stone interview. Vocal enough to anonamously release this video: "Jack White is a Douchebag" White posted an apology to many people who may have been hurt by the recent piece in Rolling Stone Magazine, ( whose writers I collectively refer to as "douchebags"), however the full apology which was allegedly posted on White's Facebook seems to have disappeared. Parts of the message can be found on the sites of various sycophantic vultures. "Jack White Is a Douchebag" was allegedly recorded by (depending upon where you look) an anonymous couple on vacation, or by Jack Kennedy and the Douchebags, (or - just my speculation - possibly Black Keys Dan Auerbach)? I'd love to present White's response to what I consider this neither very funny nor catchy anonymous jab, but he's kind of a douchebag in that he doesn't give interviews to DIY blogs. This pettiness reminds me to remind you to pick up White's fantastic new album Lazaretto.

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