Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Muffs "Up Down and Around" & Whoop De Doo

"Up Down and Around" the first single from the Muffs must own forthcoming album Whoop De Doo (July 29) will be available for sale at iTunes, Amazon, etc and available on streaming services June 17. Do yourself a favor and prepare to fork out the dough for the full length album, because really - would I steer you wrong? Every track is a unique rock&roll gem. If you don't know The Muffs you would never know this album isn't a best- of compilation, but then every Muffs album plays like a "best of" album. That's a reputation to live up to and they do it (seemingly) with ease and enough hooks to make any band say "I wish we wrote that song." Welcome back The Muffs! How we've missed your snotty snarly growl, tight rhythms, pop perfection, & your punk rock energy. When Courtney Love quipped recently that she's the only one still "doing it" she forgot a few people, but never underestimate Kim Shattuck who does it right every time. Since there's no video yet I'll post "Really Really Happy" from The Muffs album of the same name which was released by Five Foot Two Records (owned by Charlotte Caffey and Anna Waronker).

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