Sunday, February 8, 2009

4AD Artist Anni Rossi's debut Rockwell to be Released March 10

2.08.09 - The Hanger - Tucson, Az. - with Whitman
2.09.09 - Modified Arts - Phoenix, Az. - with Whitman
2.10.09 - Cottage House - Flagstaff, Az. - with Whitman
2.12.09 - The Echo - Los Angeles, Ca. - with Whitman
2.13.09 - Ports O' Call - West Covina, Ca. - with Whitman
2.20.09 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, Il. - with Deer Tick and Future Clouds & Radar
2.24.09 - Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago, Il
3.01.09 - Schuba's - Chicago, Il - with Loney Dear
3.05.09 - The Cedar - Minneapolis
3.18 - 3.22.09 - SXSW - Austin, TX (more info tba)

"Rossi is an exceptionally resourceful player, funneling bits of country, soul, and folk into catchy, idiosyncratic art-pop ditties" - CHICAGO READER

"Anni Rossi is one of these quirky-but-endearing Americana alt.folk prodigies that seem to crawl out of the woodwork every so often." DROWNED IN SOUND

And directly from her press kit: "Anni signed to 4AD in mid-2008 and headed straight to Chicago's Electrical Audio studio to record Rockwell with Steve Albini. The results show it to have been a wise move. Mostly using tracks from her existing set ("Machine", "Ecology", "Wheelpusher"), the energy, depth and eccentricities of her live show have all been successfully translated onto record and where traditionally the viola formed the centerpiece to her music (often being the only instrument used), more come to the forefront here."

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