Friday, July 16, 2010

Grandchildren Debut LP

Grandchildren are set to unleash their debut album Everlasting upon the world September 28 on Green Owl.

Band founder Aleks Martray explains the origins of the bands sound, “I was restless from a really young age. Growing up in flux between different places I gravitated towards more intangible things like stories, melodies, movies, and dreams, and so early on music became a way of making a home for myself.”

Martray further explains the specifics of the debut album, “The songs evolved through the recording process,” explains Martray, “they were so layered that when I went to play them live, so much had to be sampled. That’s when I realized this wasn’t a solo project. It’s music for a small orchestra.”

Guitarist Adam Kat says the band has worked the 10 songs from the debut into a well oiled live set, he says, “It looks spontaneous to people, but everything’s carefully choreographed on our end.” Martray continues, “And now that everything’s down to a science, it becomes a form of art in and of itself. As full and layered as the album is, it rests on the backbone of those early bedroom recordings. Kind of like with a car, where you keep replacing parts until the whole thing is new. By the end you can’t even remember what came from where. The process hides within the sound. We want people to feel the music first, and ask questions later.”

Tracklisting :

1 - Cold Warrior
2 - Winterlude
3 - Heartbreaker
4 - Saturn Returns
5 - Toss & Turn
6 - Everlasting
7 - OK I'm Waiting
8 - Little Big Ones
9 - Anthill
10 - When You're Not Lookin

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Band member press release rollcall:
Drummer Roman Salcic, a Croatian transplant reared on American rock music; jack of all trades Tristan Palazollo; math-thrash guitarist Adam Katz; bassist/percussionist Russell Brodie; and classical-pianist-turned-synth-slinger John Vogel.

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