Monday, October 11, 2010

Garbo's Daughter / Mandy+Jason Re-release

Garbo's Daughter has a cassette EP out on Burger records. I've blogged about them before, because they are truly fun, energetic, sweet sugary pop straight from the heart - and I mean that in the best way possible.

The 6 song EP (cassette) Mandy and Jason For a Time is available via the fantabulous Burger Records. It consists of archival recordings from 2002 that Mandy Mullins recorded with friend Jason Testasecca. You may know his other band, Nobunny! The songs were previously released via Go Zombie! Records. Please support Garbo's daughter because they're D.I.Y. and F-U-N.

I just received my cassette and I can't wait to give it a few listens as soon as possible. I know it will be good. Burger Records releases some catchy tunes - so surf on over to their website for more of their offerings.

Here's a live video by Cumstain from their cassette release party at Burger's store:

And be sure to vist Garbo's Daughter's myspace: here. There you'll see the Floridas Dying Compilation with 13 tracks including Johnny and the Limelites, NoBunny, Yolks, Sweet Sixteens, Brian's Dirty Business, Hunx, Sexcapades, Rantouls, Personal & the Pizzas, Puddin' Pops, Coconut Coolouts, Slippery Slopes, and Garbo's Daughter.

Read more: on GArbo's Daughter's myspace.

Garbo's Daughter "He Makes My Heart Go Pop" false start and all!

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