Friday, October 22, 2010

Persephone's Bees - Dig It! Buy It!

"Ugly Thing" by Persephone's Bees

The single "Ugly Thing" will be available October 26 via CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon etc.
YOu may download it fro .99 from the band here.
The next single - as yet unknown - will see a 7" release.

A message from the band regarding the .99 proce tag:
"Regarding 99c. Many people these days don't want to pay for music, and I understand the reasons, but I'm a believer that 99c is not really big money to pay for a piece of art, for something that will give you joy, inspiration, or even put you in a sad pensive mood and make you think. People spend more money on Hollywood movies thus making rich people richer, or spend more money on beer, coffee and cigarettes thus making rich people richer.

Tom and I spent a long time making this record, as usual we attended to every detail, we strive for quality (hopefully), we put love and sorrow and our whole life into it, and we hope people will experience some kind of feeling while listening to our songs. By paying 99 c per song you're saying to us 'We appreciate your effort, we're recognizing your quality, we're helping the arts!' And we do thank you for that! It will also allow us to continue making new songs for you." - Angelina/Persephone's Bees

You can buy the last album here:

Here's a great single from that album called "Nice Day."

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