Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) Promoting Twitter

Amanda Palmer, whom I've deleted from my Twitter account due to excessive "tweets" (I now hate myself for saying that), has this to say about the social networking site:

"crazy everything nowadays, but what's new.
alack, twitter has been good to me - and given me a new slogan:
twittering has been so effective lately that i'm just blown away - with a direct line to over 100,000 people and counting i'm able to do flash-webcasts when i feel like it & everybody instantly has the info and tunes in.
i've also been doing random Q&A's, keeping tabs on who's coming to what shows....and generally keeping up on the happy & gory details of everybody else's lives (including all of my artists friends, who are hopping on board in droves). it's a full-on 24/7 party/therapy session on the internet.
i know i sound like a twitter evangelist, but jesus, you should try it. it's seriously changing the world."

My thought/rant:
Is it just me or is the celebrity obsessed nature of society becoming intolerable? And do we really need to know every thought that occurs to someone just because they are in the public eye? "Having a cup of tea." Or, "Gone for a walk" or, "Just made a fart due to excessive consumption of kidney beans." I mean, do people really need to know this? Does it really need to be expressed? It all seems a bit narcissistic to me. I'm glad this creative person has found an outlet, but personally I find Twitter a bit distasteful.

Amanda Palmer live with nervous cabaret:
11.11 Burlington, VT
11.12 Portland, ME
11.13 Northampton, MA
11.14 Brooklyn, NY - with special guest franz nicolay
11.18 Philadelphia, PA
11.19 Falls Church, VA
11.20 Carrboro, NC
11.22 Knoxville, TN

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