Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Mighty Boosh Begin Work On New Film

According to BBC Newsbeat, Noel Fielding has said fans of The Mighty Boosh can expect new material in 2010. At the premiere of Bunny and the Bull, (a film by Boosh director Paul King, in which Fielding and Julian Barratt have small parts), Fielding delighted fans with a small tidbit of information. He was quoted as saying, "We're writing a film at the moment and an album, so hopefully next year. Both of those things." Beyond that Fielding is saying nothing, except about the subject of not spilling the beans, saying, "I've got to stop doing that. I've been stung too many times."

The other half of The Mighty Boosh's writing team, Julian Barratt expanded the news a bit revealing, "We've been very inspired by this [Bunny and the Bull] because we've been doing the show and touring a lot and we've finally got round to writing. We try and do, on TV, quite magical epic journeys and we thought if you're doing a film we should really do it in one room, basically just kind of a sitcom for 90 minutes. So we might do that. We might do exactly what we didn't do on TV."

The brilliant comedy partners have not gone their separate ways just yet, as has been feared by fans. Barrett confirmed the bond by stating, "We're still together. It's like we're twins, we're kind of symbiotically linked... if he drinks I get drunk. Like E.T. and Elliott."

In order to promote the paperback version of their new book, The Pocket Book of Boosh, the duo reportedly plan a sack race for fans in Glasgow. The hardcover version, The Mighty Book of Boosh is highly entertaining and well worth the money. I'm sure the "pocket book" will be the same, but, well, smaller.

The album and film are great news, as The Mighty Boosh over the past few years has become my favorite form of entertainment - period. I only wish the cast had done a proper live tour of The United States. Comicon was such a tease. The thought of seeing Old Greg live is almost to delightful to bear.

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