Friday, January 8, 2010

Elizabeth Fraser

Elizabeth Fraser's new EP Moses is now available in the U.S. digitally via itunes, and a 12" vinyl version will be available at retail January 26th. All proceeds from EP go to the family of Jake Drake-Brockman. Brockman (Echo and the Bunnymen) was killed in a motorcycle accident in September. He was a friend of both Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) and her musical and personal partner Damon Reece (Spiritualized, Massive Attack, Echo & The Bunnymen, BOM).

The itunes EP version is available here.

Moses was written and performed by Brockman, Fraser and Reece. It includes two re-mixes. One is by Thighpaulsandra (Julian Cope, Spiritualized, Coil) and the second comes from Andy Jenks (previously of Alpha and currently of The Flies, Spaceland).

You may read a Guardian interview with Elizabeth Fraser regarding this project

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