Saturday, June 12, 2010

MP3/ From a Fountain

South Dakota's From a Fountain (aka Douglas Kirby; aka Shale & Sandstone)is set to release a debut album featuring a "rebel band of time-traveling Native Americans" August 31st on Park the Van Records.

For a bit more of an explanation, check out this info direct from the press release:
Shale & Sandstone visualizes a rogue band of Native Americans, far in the future, who have successfully remained hidden for generations. Organized in present day and persevering throughout the years, they have awaited the advent of time travel, with the intention of going back to offer their pre-contact ancestors antibodies to the European diseases that would eventually decimate them. Thus safeguarded, the Natives would likely be able to withstand the onslaught of the European population and hold on to much of their homeland and identity. The time-travelers' plan, however, takes an unexpected turn - the ancient people turn down the option of being inoculated, though not without much wailing and despair at what was to befall their people. As the old ones refused the antibodies, the story ends there, for history goes on un-changed. The remainder of the album reflects on meeting with the infinite in this manner and tries to make sense of their decision.

Download From A Fountain’s “Man I Wed” and “Morning” from Shale & Sandstone:

and here.

Bio Info for Douglas Kirby:

Though Kirby has lived in many places across the United States, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, one of the more isolated cities in the country, is From a Fountain's forever-home. From 2006-2008, after living in Philadelphia for many years, Kirby formed and spearheaded the art and music collective, Cities of the Red Night, in Sioux Falls. They rented a giant 7,000 square foot warehouse in Tea, South Dakota, just outside of Sioux Falls. Cities of the Red Night hosted a show on the local college radio station in Sioux Falls called the B&G Marshmallow Malt Radio Spectacular, named after a featured dessert from a local roadside soft-serve stand. (As an ice cream/malt fanatic, Kirby is the only customer in the history of the Franklin Fountain, an old-timey soda fountain in Philadelphia, to be offered a line of credit at the shop. He paid his ice cream bill with them at the end of each month.) After living in a cabin in Joshua Tree, CA for a year, Kirby now lives in a reclusive town in Marin County, CA where he spends much of his time working on music, surfing and eating lots of ice cream.

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