Thursday, June 10, 2010

MP3/Nicole Simone

You may have heard music by Nicole Simone and not even known it! She had songs in the Sundance film The Good Life starring Bill Paxton, Zooey Deschanel, and Harry Dean Stanton, as well as the film Alone With Her starring Colin Hanks.

Her first video is for the song "Melt."

Simone makes her live debut Monday June 14th at NYC's The Living Room and entry is free. You can expect to hear her breathy voice and any of the following instruments: guitar, marxophone, orchestron, trumpet, mandolin, vibraphone, piano and ukulele.

You can download the song "Melt" here.

Nicole Simone EP track listing:
01. The Wedding Song
02. Teach Me
03. Melt
04. Haunt You
05. You Got Me
06. Back For More

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