Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cymbals Eat Guitars US Tour With Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Cymbals Eat Guitars US Tour With Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Starts THIS WEEK
Play Two UK Shows With Flaming Lips & One Rolling Stone Weekend Event In Germany With Wilco
Why There Are Mountains Out 9/22 On Sister's Den Records

“We were at Barnes & Noble today and I was so excited to see Maximum Rock’n’Roll’s still publishing,” says Cymbals Eat Guitars bassist Neil Berenholz, his eyes widening at the very thought. “Joe was just like, ‘What’s that?’”
Joseph D’Agostino—the band’s co-founder along with drummer Matthew Miller—is quick to admit, “I’ve been reading Pitchfork since I was in ninth grade.”
“We didn’t know anybody in the beginning,” says D’Agostino, “So it was hard to get any shows.”

“And since no one was pursuing us,” continues Berenholz, “We had to pursue opportunities ourselves.”

As for what’s next, well, one new song already has a “lazy guitar line” that’s indebted to indie pop, floating over a disco inspired rhythm section.

“You guys are laughing,” says Berenholz (and they are), “but that’s what I’m talking about here—people bringing different influences to the table, until my chocolate’s clearly in your peanut butter.”

“We aren’t shying away from the dance beats,” adds D’Agostino.

“Sometimes,” says Miller, smiling, “they are appropriate.”

US Tour Dates

9/5 - Middle East Downstairs - Boston, MA (W/ POBPAH)
9/6 - La Sala Rossa - Montreal (W/ POBPAH)
9/7 - Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto (W/ POBPAH)
9/8 - Logan Square Auditorium - Chicago, IL (W/ POBPAH)
9/9 - Stage Door at The Orpheum - Madison, WI (W/ POBPAH)
9/10 - Slowdown - Omaha, NE (W/ POBPAH)
9/12 - Monolith Festival - Morrisson, CA (W/ POBPAH)
9/13 - Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, UT (W/ POBPAH)
9/14 - Neurolux - Boise, ID (W/ POBPAH)
9/15 – Neumos – Seattle, Washington (W/ POBPAH)
9/17 - Musicfest NW @ Doug Fir - Portland, OR (W/ POBPAH)
9/18 - Great American Music Hall - San Francisco CA, (W/ POBPAH)
9/19 - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA (W/ POBPAH)
9/21 - Casbah - San Diego, CA (W/ POBPAH)
9/22 - Club Congress - Tucson, AZ (W/ POBPAH)
9/24 - Lola’s - Fort Worth, TX (W/ POBPAH)
9/25 - The Mohawk - Austin, TX (W/ POBPAH)
9/26 - One Eyed Jacks - New Orleans, LA (W/ POBPAH)
9/27 - Club Downunder - Tallahassee, FL (W/ POBPAH)
9/28 - The Earl - Atlanta, GA (W/ POBPAH)
9/29 - Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC (W/ POBPAH)
9/30 - Black Cat - Washington DC (W/ POBPAH)
10/1 - Ottobar - Baltimore, MA (W/ POBPAH)
10/3 – Webster Hall – New York, NY (W/ POBPAH)
10/5 - First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia, PA (W/ POBPAH)
10/16 – Alfred University – The Knight Alfred, New York
10/17 – Boston University – Boston, Mass
10/18 – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA (W/ POBPAH)
10/19 – Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA (W/ POBPAH)
11/10 – The Troxy - London , UK (W/ The Flaming Lips)
11/11 – The Troxy – London, UK (W/ The Flaming Lips)

Band Members

Joseph Ferocious - vocals/guitars
Neil Berenholz - Bass guitar/ vocals
Matthew Miller - Drum set & percussion
Brian Hamilton - Keyboards

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