Monday, September 7, 2009

Everybody Else - An Alternative To The Jonas Brothers Et Al...

If you have not heard this band - please take a moment to check them out. I really like them. They tap in to the power pop genre. They are catchy as hell, but great. I think anyone who listens to modern pop like The Jonas Brothers etc. should do themselves a favor and try these guys. I'm hoping to turn my best friend's neice on to them.

And if you are scratching your heads wondering why I am even mentioning The Jonas Brothers on this blog - you'll see, I hope, that these guys are what good pop is all about. Maybe they will expand the tastes of that Disney lover in your life. Or the tastes of that indie music snob?

"Meat Market" by Everybody Else (it's way groovy)

"Button For Punishment" a slower, clever play on words.

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Anonymous said...

Really good!...but the reason the Jonas Brothers are greater than the usual Disney blahblah is because they make this kind of old-fashioned, authentically performed guitar pop music with an honest POV (theirs happens not to be particularly gritty) and they're not exactly poseurs concerned about impressing hipsters, they have a very distinct person that is unusual these days (that they get ridiculed by almost the entire mainstream, non-teen-girl population, for). At least that's why they impressed me...and I'm a former full-on indie snob. I'm not saying this band isn't also that way, too...but it certainly doesn't make them "better". There are actually tons of marginal bands that sound and look a lot like this band, I'm afraid...I know it's hard for people to admit it because Disney promotes them, but the Jonas Brothers are rather unique on the current scene.