Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Ages Night - The Film / Os Mutantes Documentary

Okay, so that's an awkward introduction. But a while ago I ran across a clip from a documentary about Os Mutantes. I couldn't find any further information, so I wrote the film company. The documentary has not been completed or released due to lack of funds. However, the completed project by the same folks is about to rin on cable. Perhaps you can spread the word and it might help them fund the completion of their Os Mutantes film?

A clip from the untitled Os Mutantes Film:

Here is a trailer for the new teen film All Ages Night, featuring Billy Evans, Django Stewart, Katherine Carlsberg, and Elizabeth Nicole. According to the directer it's about "a teenage rock band who believe one night on stage will change their life." It will be running on the STARZ cable channel beginning Jan 2010. It seems like the target age is far under mine, but I'm willing to give it a chance. And the music, though not my taste seems extremely marketable.

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