Friday, November 13, 2009

MP3: Tindersticks To Release New Album

The Tindersticks released The Hungry Saw last year and toured extensively. Stuart A. Staples and David Boulter have also composed the score for French director Claire Denis' new film. The new Tindersticks album, Falling Down a Mountain will be released February 16, 2010.

Commenting upon the burst of activity, the band said “From nervous beginnings, a new unity and sense of direction grew. Where once our touring days were spent hanging around, killing time, now we found ourselves cobbling together acoustic rehearsals for new ideas in dressing rooms and venue corridors. There was a growing need to make something new and we quickly started working in our studio in France.”

To download “Black Smoke” from Falling Down A Mountain click here

Falling Down A Mountain Tracklisting:

01. Falling Down A Mountain
02. Keep You Beautiful
03. Harmony Around My Table
04. Peanuts
05. She Rode Me Down
06. Hubbards Hills
07. Black Smoke
08. No Place So Alone
09. Factory Girls
10. Piano Music

Here's an older track "Can We Start Again"

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