Friday, November 13, 2009

The Soft Pack

The Soft Pack will release their eponymous debut on Kemado Records, February 2, 2010. RCRD LBL is offering a free download of their song "Get Small" here: clickity.

Here's a live performance of The Soft Pack at 91X in San Diego.

Background information:
The Soft Pack began as a collaboration of two friends, Matt Lamkin and Matty McLoughlin. “We wanted to start a band that played simple, catchy, smart rock songs,” says Matt. “There weren’t many bands in San Diego doing that at the time. So we did.” Shortly thereafter, Dave Lantzman (bass) and Brian Hill (guitars)joined the fold. The rest is... the future.

Track listing for The Soft Pack:

1. C’mon
2. Down On Loving
3. Answer to Yourself
4. Move Along
5. Pull Out
6. More Or Less
7. Tides of Time
8. Flammable
9. Mexico
10. Parasites

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