Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jack White Comments On New Dead Weather and White Stripes Material

"I've got like five things on my plate right now, it's a big plate" - Jack White

Those of you wo've been following along know that Jack White promised fans a new White Stripes and Dead Weather record for 2010. Luckily his recent work with Wanda Jackson (see prior post) hasn't slowed down the progress.

Regarding The Dead Weather, White cheekily told Rolling Stone, “We’ll probably be having a new album by that time, if we’re lucky. We have a lot of songs cooking right now, we’ve been playing a few of them live and I’m sure by March the entire 20 or 25 songs will be onstage by then. We can’t tell you that much about it except that it’s gonna be really expansive, and I use that word loosely in a scientific sense, meaning that I’m just using it to distract you.”

Continuing in his quest to taunt the media with sarcasm he told MTV "It's gonna take as long as it takes ... if it takes three months to do a Dead Weather record, we'll take that long. The White Stripes record is going to be these two guys [Dead Weather bassist Jack Lawrence and guitarist/ keyboardist Dean Fertita] dressed as me and Meg, so we'll see if something interesting comes out of that."

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