Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oasis Have (Definitely, Maybe) Officially Split

Noel Gallagher, (you know, the more talented jackass brother) of the band Oasis, has left the band. He write on the blog at, "The details are not important and of too great a number to list." He went on to thank the band's fans. HE further added, "I feel you have the right to know that the level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family, friends and comrades has become intolerable. And the lack of support and understanding from my management and bandmates has left me with no other option than to get me cape and seek pastures new."

The upcoming tour dates are obviously canceled. Regarding fans with tickets to those shows, Gallagher wrote, "Apologies are probably not enough, I know, but I'm afraid it's all I've got." According to a band spokesperson, the band will decide whether to continue on as a band and plan to make an announcement with regards to the future of Oasis. However, since Noel was the lead guitarist and chief songwriter, that would seem inappropriate at best. The Gallagher brothers have had some public (and non public) spats in the past, but it seems that whatever happened this time really put a bee in Noel's bonnet. Has anyone thought of compiling a "greatest hits" of their hissy fits and rants? I would buy that. Is this all a stunt? Is this to promote possible solo albums? Is this to garner excitement for another Oasis album? Time will tell.

Thanks for the music, (well two albums worth anyway), and thanks for your appreciation of Paul Weller. Noel will likely continue making music, and Liam will continue to make men's clothing with an appreciation for the mod aesthetic. click here

Great moments in Oasis history:

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